Single Fare Follow Up


 I wound up submitting 4 cards to the Single Fare show. I'm not yet sure if any sold, but none had within the first hours. (Editing Sean: 3 of 4 sold) There was a lot of competition! Hundreds of artists and over 2000 cards. Most of the work was figurative and many of the artists alumni of New York Academy of Art. Certainly some of the artists were familiar with painting at such a tiny scale. There were artists from all career levels represented and a raffle for works by some of the most notable artists.
 I mentioned earlier how fun it was breaking out pens and paints to focus on some non-digital maze drawing. I've continued the process and will post more of that effort soon.
  While researching Singlefare, I discovered other artists who submitted work. I was able to pick some of the pieces out at the show and see new beautiful stuff. You should follow these artists too. I've linked to their Instagram pages.